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Coniferous Paste (GOST 21802-84 )

(also known as chlorophyll — carotene paste) is a paste with dissolved substances of woody greenery, thick, homogeneous mass, similar to ointment with an inherent smell of coniferous and olive-green color.

When the temperature rises (from +25 degrees), it becomes more liquid.

The raw material for the paste is an extract of coniferous woody greens. Chlorophyll-carotene paste stimulates biologically active processes.

Chlorophyll-carotene paste has a rich composition and contains micro and macro elements, vitamins (E, D), chlorophyll, carotene, volatile and waxy substances, stearins and other biologically active substances and, on merit, can be called a phytoncidal multivitamin preparation

Properties of chlorophyll-carotene paste:

Therapeutic (thanks to the chlorophyll, phytoncides and phytostearins included in the composition);

Application of chlorophyll-carotene paste:

In medicine (gynecology, surgery, dermatology, treatment of burns, wounds and ulcers);
Animal husbandry (as a feed additive);
Veterinary medicine (treatment of gastrointestinal diseases in young animals, and is also used in the fight against cow disease);
Agricultural sector: as fertilizer.

Carotene-chlorophyll paste is produced in strict accordance with GOST 21802-84

Additional information
Appearance homogeneous mass of olive-green color.

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